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Our Story

ChromaNanoTech is an early stage company formed in April 2014 at the Binghamton University Incubator as a partnership of several co-inventors of the patented technology.


ChromaNanoTech's focus is on formulation and production of ultraviolet, visible and near infrared nanoparticle absorbers for use as a standalone material or additive in numerous applications. ChromaNanoTech's additive nanoparticles disperse well into most liquid and plastic suspensions, maintain a high optical absorbance and withstand high temperature conditions. ChromaNanoTech takes pride in working with their customers to ensure a high quality and ease of use for each application. 

ChromaNanoTech has been supported through production of material, private funded research as well as state and federal awards. The company has been awarded $250,000 from the 76 West Pitch Competition, $150,000 from the National Science Foundation and $100,000 of the SUNY Research Foundation. In addition, $50,000 has been awarded from Nexus-NY. ChromaNanoTech is situated as part of the Innovation Hotspot Initiative as well. 



Advanced Laboratories

We are located in the Center of Excellence building, next to Binghamton  University's campus, which allows us to have a close knit relationship with the university itself and pool from its talent. 

Expert Team 

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