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Selective Light Filtration

ChromaNanoTech can produce optically absorbing nanomaterials to selectively filter light based off of the application requirements. Some applications include laser protective eye ware, display filtering and fiber optics. These materials would gain the benefit of being nanosized, high surface area that is easily dispersed and maintain high optical absorption.

Passive Solar Window Films

ChromaNanoTech's optical absorbing material can be extruded as part of a window film with enhanced infrared absorbing qualities. This allows the window film to absorb a portion of the heat component of sunlight that is transmitted through the window while maintaining high optical clarity. The tech lowers the room heat, taking off burden from AC units and decreasing monthly energy requirements to cool a room. 


ChromaNanoTech has investigated the potential to generate unique visible or invisible nano labeling systems using ultraviolet, visible or near infrared absorbing nanoparticles. These systems can be incorporated into an ink media for marking while maintaining a unique signature. The labeling materials can also be incorporated into a plastic media during extrusion or as part of a 3D printed part and survive processing up to 300 C.

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